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Our emergency team is available 24/7 for large and small jobs. Our fast service response is a must, especially when it comes to oil spillage cleanup. BDS Harlingen uses the most efficient machines and absorbent materials so as to keep environmental damage to a minimum or completely avoid it. Our fast, quality service is unique in the field of clean-ups, and our considerable experience, professional, all-round workforce and stable contracts with various companies and government agencies mean we keep our reputation at a consistent high.


Quick Response System

We are available immediately for oil spill clean-ups

We keep all the necessary equipment at the ready.  Our Quick Response System is a comprehensive mobile set for large and small spillages.

Oil cleanup in the Wadden Sea

BDS Harlingen is regularly in action on the Wadden Sea. Oil is of course extremely undesirable and dangerous for plants and animals in this vulnerable nature reserve.

Although it is unlikely that the Wadden Sea will suffer a large oil spill, the damage if it did occur would be disastrous for this unique area. As such, the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management regularly organises practises and BDS Harlingen is one of the partners that plays a role. In September 2018, BDS took part in a massive practice cleanup near the island of Schiermonnikoog, providing the large equipment for the practice.

Wadcrawler for inaccessible areas

The wadcrawler was developed and produced in-house. This amphibious vehicle is able to clean up oil spillages in otherwise inaccessible areas.

Transport and training oil clean-ups on Bonaire

Paraffin pollution


BDS Harlingen regularly works on projects for thoroughly cleaning beaches of paraffin pollution. In 2017, we worked on the North Sea beaches on the island of Vlieland.



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