Salvage of lost containers from MS Zoë

22 January 2019

During the night hours from Tuesday 1st to Wednesday 2nd, a containership lost a great number of containers near the German Waddenisland of Borkum. Some of them were washed ashore to the dutch islands Vlieland and Terschelling on Wednesdaymorning.

At first the number of lost containers seemed to be about 10 to 12, however, it soon became clear that it was going to be much more than that; it turned out that more than 200 containers had gone overboard.

The salvage of the lost containers and the contents thereof has been assigned by the insurance company of the MSC Zoë to our company. 

Several parties had signed up for this important assignment. BDS Harlingen however received full confidence from the client with its plans.

The salvage of the containers will take weeks, if not months.

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