About us

Progressive and fair. Two words that best describe BDS-Harlingen. Founded in 1990 and now the maritime service company in Northern Netherlands.

Operating both nationally and internationally, BDS provides maritime services based on speed, precision and environmental soundness. BDS Harlingen not only offers services but also has everything necessary for oil spillage cleanup in stock.

BDS Harlingen moved to Nieuwe Vissershaven in Harlingen in 2008 where business took off and shows no sign of slowing. The company excels with its experience and throrough product knowledge and its all-round team.

BDS guarantees a fair product. Large or small, each job is smoothly and dynamically prepared, carried out and successfully completed.


BDS Harlingen Activities

No day is the same at BDS Harlingen. In 2018, our team was called out many times for a wide variety of cleanup operations.

Whether the job is to cleanup oil or dispose of a whale carcass, the professional team at BDS Harlingen can handle it.

Corporate Video

ISO 14001:2015

BDS is a forerunner in the area of innovative, sustainable business processes.

As one of the first companies in its sector, BDS Harlingen became a certified ISO 9001 company in 2012.  BDS Harlingen then turned its attention to the ISO 14001 management system aimed at providing a system for identifying and prioritising environmental aspects and subsequently managing and improving them. In this way, the organisation can establish and realize environmental goals. BDS Harlingen obtained its ISO 4001: 2015 certification on 24 August 2017.


BDS Harlingen is the supplier for oil cleanup equipment